Candy Crush Saga review:colorful candy colorful mood

Almost everyone lile candy whether you are a adult or a child.Even you don’t like candy,when see the colorful candy,your mood should be bright up!Candy Crush Saga is such a eye-catching game,but if you think it is just a game for child,I would say you are wrong.Many games seems so easy,but the mystery inside can not be describe within few words,Candy Crush Saga is such a game app.

Candy Crush Saga

Although Candy Crush Saga is a traditional eliminate game,but it contain many elements which make this game simple but not ordinary.Ah~simple is not referred to the difficulty of the game,this game’s difficulty is not low.Just the same as traditional three elimination games,this game just need to remove the same kinds of candies to a straight line,and eliminate them.If you eliminate 4 or 5 candies at the same time ,you can get new special props,they are helpful.For example,they can eliminate can eliminate a certain color candy or surrounding 9 candies.As the level raised,pass these level would become more and more difficult,so you must use these props flexible.

Candy Crush Saga 1

Difficulty of this game is should not be under estimated.Although the first ten checkpoint is relatively simple.The game has over 300 levels,and if you want to pass these level,virtue is not enough,as well as luck!

Candy Crush Saga 2

It is worth noting that this is losely linked with Facebook,checkpoint 35 later need to bind Facebook to let your friends help unlock.

Colorful beautiful appearance and full of challenges,Candy Crush Saga will not let you down.

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